Photo by Austin Huelsbeck

Break And Enter is a five-piece melodic-hardcore band from Nashville, Tennessee.

Break And Enter began as a four-piece hardcore band featuring Brock Steele (vocals) Charlie Maurer (guitar), Isaac Jensen (drums) and Matthew Sanford (bass guitar). The band debuted with a five-track EP titled “Welcome Home” that attacks the listener with heavy tones and honest lyrics about leaving home and entering a new place. In January 2016, Ashley Briggs completed the lineup, making Break And Enter one of the only hardcore bands in Nashville to feature a female. As a quintet, the band began to create and mold their unique sound and image that prevails today. In the fall of 2017, the band experienced two more member changes, adding Aidan Gorey (bass guitar) and Joe Schremmer (rhythm guitar) to the lineup.

On January 12, 2018, Break And Enter released their first full-length album “The Call Of The Void.” The eleven-track record features the singles "Burn" and "Sticks and Stones" (feat. Stephen Loveland). Over the years, Break and Enter has performed alongside bands such as Wage War, Hundredth, Vanna, Trophy Eyes, Darkness Divided, Convictions, and more.

"The Call Of The Void" is available everywhere now!

Vocals | Brock Steele
Drums | Isaac Jensen
Lead Guitar | Ashley Briggs
Bass | Aidan Gorey
Rhythm Guitar | Joe Schremmer

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